InnovationIn spite of the wide array of literature on the topic of how to teach in a more evidence-informed manner, the experiences of consortium members reveal that on the ‘shop floor’ very little systematic use is made of an evidence based approach to professional practice and that effective PLC's are few in practice. The consortium is convinced that the lack of practical tools is one of the main reasons why evidence based teaching has yet to be realised. The purpose of the consortium, therefore, is to make a significant contribution to the development of evidence based teaching that promotes a renewed frame of thinking supported by the practical use of tools and effective professional development. The innovative character of the LINPILCARE project can be expressed as follows:

  • A project that provides a renewed frame of thinking about evidence based teaching via a Common Conceptual Frame of Reference;
  • A project that provides practical tools, in line with the renewed framework, to support practitioners in evidence based teaching;
  • A project that supports practitioners in their professional development in evidence based teaching by the use of IST modules and courses focusing on:
    • Renewed thinking;
    • Researching practice;
    • Using effective professional learning communities;
    • Using results of academic research;
    • Using the tools in their practice;
  • A project that starts with the real problems faced by practitioners in the classroom (e.g. a spelling problem by students in their classroom, students that don't dare to apply what they have learned during the French lessons in conversations);
  • A project that provides access to the results of academic research.


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