What will LINPILCARE achieve?


Year one (September 2014 – August 2015):

The consortium will develop a Common Conceptual Frame of Reference (CCFR) on evidence based teaching and learning. The CCFR will sell out the rationale and the principles for LINPILCARE. It will be a guide to link practitioner inquiry with the results of academic research via effective professional learning communities.

During the first year, the consortium partners will contact local institutions and policy makers to inform them of the project. Interested institutions and policy makers can then become an associated partner of LINPILCARE. Associated partners will be supported in realizing the aims of LINPILCARE in their practice.


Year two (September 2015 – August 2016):

The consortium will develop tools in line with the Common Conceptual Frame of Reference (CCFR) of LINPILCARE. With tools we mean instruments, protocols, materials and case studies. The tools will focus on the pillars of LINPILCARE and support of teachers in:

  • Developing a more systematic inquiry of their practice;
  • Developing effective professional learning communities;
  • Gaining access to the results of relevant academic research;
  • Ways of linking the three pillars with each other.

For each tool, the consortium partners will provide professional development (inservice training (IST) modules).


Year three (September 2016 – August 2017):

The consortium partners will deliver national and international valorized professional development in the form of:

If you want to participate for free in any of the international events, please apply for an Erasmus+ KA1 grant via your national agency. (the consortium partners will be willing to help you)

For registration on the course or at an international conference, please contact the coordinating organization at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You are already cordially invited to participate in the project. If you are interested, please contact one of the consortium partners (AlmadaForma Training Centre ; Dene Magna School ; Fontys University of Applied Sciences ; International IST-Service ; National Education Institute Slovenia ; University of Tartu).


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